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Projects Investment Survey 90

India witnessed a significant surge in projects investment across major sectors in the fiscal year ended on 31 March 2023 (FY2023). As per the latest Survey of Projects Investment in India, fresh investment increased by a whopping 91.97 percent in FY2023 on a Y-o-Y basis. While the private sector maintained its dominance in the project investment landscape, the public sector too increased its investment commitments by 94.76 percent.

Fresh investment swelled from Rs 19,27,214.28 crore in FY2022 to Rs 36,99,673.33 crore in FY2023. During the same period, the total number of projects increased from 10,445 in FY2022 to 10,509 in FY2023.

Projex by Ownership

While both the Private and the Public sectors recorded impressive growths in fresh investment in FY2023, the Private sector growth of 90.71 percent in additional fresh investment in FY2023 came on top of the 144.39 percent growth it had registered in FY2022. The private sector’s dominance is evident from the fact that it contributed around two-thirds of the total investment in both financial years.

Fresh investment intentions by the Public sector agencies had grown at a slower rate of 13.33 percent in FY2022. Increased investment proposals in FY2023 allowed the Public sector to record an impressive 94.76 percent growth and retain its share in total fresh investment at 31.57 percent, a little higher than its share of 31.11 percent in FY2022. Both the Central and State governments posted healthy growths in their fresh capex intentions.

Projects by Ownership

In FY2023, the Private sector announced 3,804 new projects worth Rs 25,31,800.03 crore and accounted for 68.43 percent of the total fresh investment announced during the Survey period. On the other hand, the public sector units (both Central and State) announced 6,705 new projects worth Rs 11,67,873.30 crore marking a year-on-year growth of 94.76 percent.

Within the Public sector, the Central government units announced 1,696 projects worth Rs 5,62,083.37 crore and the state-owned agencies announced 5,009 projects worth Rs 6,05,789.93 crore during FY2023.

Around 64 percent of the Private sector investment was found in critical sectors like Green Hydrogen and Ammonia, Semiconductors and Fabs, Pharma-APIs, Solar & Hydel power, Ports, Real Estate and Data Centres.

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