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Wind energy_ProjectsMonitorThe Ministry of New and Renewable Energy released a report detailing the huge potential for offshore wind energy in the country at the ‘National Consultation on Development of Offshore Wind Energy in India’, held in New Delhi on August 14th.

Offshore Wind Potential Tamil Nadu, India, the 8,000-word report was written by Andy Oldroyd, Technical Director of Oldbaum Services and its Technical Lead in Mumbai, Poushali Maji. The document outlines a development strategy for the country’s offshore wind energy sector.

Oldbaum Services, an independent wind energy consultancy, has offices in Scotland – United Kingdom, and Mumbai.

In 2011, Oldroyd had made a presentation before the government on offshore wind. Following the presentation, Oldbaum Services was invited to carry out preliminary offshore wind resource assessments. The Chennai-based Centre for Wind Energy Technology approached the company to help map out the offshore wind potential off the coast of Tamil Nadu. The study of offshore wind resource for the state was undertaken as part of C-WET and MNRE’s ongoing collaboration with the Scottish government in the field of renewable energy.

The report’s focus on Tamil Nadu assumes significance given that at present 40 percent of the country’s onshore wind farms are located in the state.

Offshore Wind Potential Tamil Nadu’s analysis totals a 10-year period and communicates an evaluation of existing wind data in the proposed zone, a wind measurement campaign proposal for the area and an outline of a route map towards offshore wind power development.

According to Oldbaum Services, a number of requirements need to be met prior to successful development of offshore wind power in India.

As per the draft National Offshore Wind Energy Policy – 2013 released by the MNRE in May, prospects for development of offshore wind energy exist along the coastlines of Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. The wind resource data collected for the coastlines of Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat also show reasonable potential. A preliminary assessment suggests potential to establish around 1 GW capacity wind farm each along the coastlines of Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari.

The challenges in offshore wind power deployment relate to resource characterization, grid interconnection and operation, and development of transmission infrastructure. Also, adding large capacities of offshore wind generation to the power system would require reliable integration with the national grid.

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