Hydro Power

On 17th May 2023, Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd. issued a Request for Proposal to allocate Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) at 12 different sites in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh possesses significant potential for Pumped Hydro Storage Projects, with the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) estimating a total run-of-river storage potential of 11.2 GW in the state. Additionally, the state’s favorable terrains, suitable for the development of upper and lower reservoirs, offer tremendous off-river potential.


By the end of 2029-30, the CEA projects India’s installed capacity to reach 817 GW. The solar and wind project capacities at that time are expected to be 140 GW and 280 GW, respectively. To facilitate smoother integration of renewable energy into the grid, the CEA envisions the need for a minimum of 10,151 MW of Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) capacity and a Battery Energy Storage capacity of 27,000 MW.

In order to unlock Madhya Pradesh’s vast Pumped Hydro Storage potential, the Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) has recently introduced a “Scheme for implementation of Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) Projects in Madhya Pradesh.” Under this scheme, the bid process is assigned to Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd. (RUMSL), a joint venture company between the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam (MPUVN).

The deadline for submitting the Technical & Financial bids is 4th July 2023.

Pumped storage hydropower (PSH) is a form of hydroelectric energy storage that utilizes two water reservoirs at different elevations. It generates power as water moves from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir, passing through a turbine (discharge). The system requires power during the pumping process to return water to the upper reservoir (recharge). PSH functions similar to a large-scale battery, capable of storing and releasing power as needed.

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