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Central Electricity Authority has approved the cost of SJVN’s 570 MW Wangchhu Hydro project at Rs. 4060.80 crore. Of the total cost estimates, nearly 60% is on account of civil works which have been estimated at Rs. 2,394.26 crore. CEA has also confirmed that the project is slated to be commissioned within 72 months from zero date April, 2016. While Unit-I is scheduled to be commissioned in 69 months, Unit-II is proposed to be completed in 70 months. Subsequently, the Unit-III and Unit-IV are likely to be on board in the 71st and 72nd month respectively.

Also SJVN has been asked to prepare a separate Detailed Project Report (DPR) on the evacuation system. Additionally the CEA has directed that SJVNL should thoroughly examine the most optimal option before adopting the costliest 66kV alternative under the construction power arrangement included under the Wangchhu project DPR.

570 MW Wangchhu Hydro electric project (HEP) will be located on Wangchu river near Chukha district of Bhutan. The proposed HEP will have concrete gravity dam with 295 m length and 8 m width. It will also have an 8.5 m head race tunnel with design discharge of 209 cumec and length of 12.38 km and a tail race channel of outfall pool with reverse slope with maximum tail water level of 175 m and minimum tail water level of 170.3 m.

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