Mumbai, 2nd May, 2018 – SYSKA LED introduces wifi enabled smart lights which are compatible with Amazon Alexa. The combination of Alexa and Amazon Echo smart speakers has made setting up a smart home extremely simple. Now you can control your smart lights with voice. Once synced with Echo Dot or Echo or Echo Plus, SYSKA Smartlights can easily respond to the voice commands given by the user. You can also setup routines such as “Alexa, start my day”, so that your one command can trigger multiple actions by Alexa from switching on your bedroom and bathroom lights to turning on your water heater.

In addition to using voice commands, users can also download the SYSKA Smart Home app to control the lights. The App gives you the option to choose your shade of light from a spectrum of 3 Million colors. You can also set alarms of switching on and switching off lights, to create your own pre formatted lighting theme SYSKA smart lights gives you an array of options to set the mood of your home according to your wish and need.  SYSKA smart bulb connects to your Wi-Fi and lets you control every aspect of your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. This helps you with setting the light of your home as you want, from wherever you are. For example if you forget to switch off some lights while rushing to work, you can even do so from your office via your mobile device. What’s more, you can even switch on some lights (maybe those in the passage or porch) as you get closer to home from your vehicle.

Along with Alexa, SYSKA is making your home a little smarter and brighter. Use the Alexa voice service to switch on your SYSKA smart lights before getting out of bed, to dim your lights from the couch to watch a movie, or to set the lights for reading in your favorite chair —all without lifting a finger.  To make it more convenient for you, SYSKA gives you the light grouping feature where you can make a group of all the light units that are present in a particular room and name the group (for Eg: bedroom lights) and voila just by saying, Alexa switch on bedroom lights, all your lights in that bedroom will be switched on.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, SYSKA Group, says, “We want our customers to experience the best smart lighting solutions that are not only energy efficient but also at par with the latest technology and innovation. We at SYSKA always focus on innovation in our products and with the launch of SYSKA smart lights new functionalities are constantly added to provide the best voice-controlled lighting experience to our customers like controlling lights with Amazon Alexa”.

SYSKA LED comes with international LED lightning solutions for home and offices. SYSKA LED’s compressive list of products include a variety of bulbs, ceiling lights, spot lights, tube lights, emergency lights, electrical accessories and strip lights. Coming in various shapes, sizes, colour temperate, WATT power and type, these LED lights are crafted to meet global standards and class. All the products are aesthetically designed which gives home or office a complete makeover with its fine lightning effect.

As an endeavor towards providing the best customer experience through innovative product solutions, SYSKA will be proactively introducing more WiFi enabled home appliances which will be voice controlled. This move will definitely bring more value and comfort to millions of customers in the appliance category across the country

About SYSKA Group –

Starting with Guru Nanak Marketing, a company that was involved in the distribution of T-series Audio cassettes, CDs and audio video systems for Maharashtra, the SYSKA Group had only one thing to do: grow. Over the years, the SYSKA Group has become a loyal, growth-oriented and high performing distribution partner for multiple renowned principal companies. As the SYSKA Group continues to grow and become a domestic leader, their eyes are set to the world as their presence grows in countries across the globe.


SYSKA LED is the flagship company of the modern, futuristic and exceedingly dynamic Shree Sant Kripa Group. SYSKA LED has an extremely focused mission to create a sustainable environment by promoting and accelerating the adoption of energy-efficient and environment ­ friendly lighting solutions. In keeping with this mission, SYSKA offers a vast range of specialized Greenfield eco-friendly LED lighting solutions. These lights consume 70 – 80% less power than CFLs. They provide excellent intensity, uniform light distribution, high efficiency, and strong ROI. SYSKA ensures reliability, durability, safety and quality in their products and the usage ranges from residential, commercial to industrial and outdoor applications.

Source: PR

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