Project Orders

Project related contracts worth Rs 10,65,420.23 crore were awarded in the fiscal year FY24, totalling 10,305 in number. These contracts were secured by 5,662 companies spanning various sectors, both domestically and internationally. Out of these, 74 project contracts were secured by Indian companies for overseas projects.

In FY24, 166 mega project contracts valued at Rs 5,82,007.95 crore were awarded, representing more than 55 percent of the total contract value. This underscores the government’s emphasis on the execution of large-scale infrastructure projects.

Sector-wise, the Infrastructure sector, covering services and utilities like Social and Transport services, dominated the awards, securing nearly 68 percent of the total contracts. Within this sector, standout performers included Roadways, Power Distribution, Railways, Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution, Water, Sewage & Effluent Treatment Community Services, Telecom Services, Real Estate, Hospitals, and Other Shipping Infrastructure.

For example, in the Roadways sector, 4,205 contracts were awarded, totalling Rs 2,18,664.9 crore, with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) leading with 409 contracts finalisation. The Mumbai Coastal Road Project also awarded significant contracts.

In Power Distribution, 42 high-value contracts worth Rs 93,597 crore were finalised, with major players like Adani Energy Solutions and Polaris Smart Metering securing large size contracts.

Railways sector saw finalisation of 284 project contracts valued at Rs 1,09,767.66 crore, including contracts for Vande Bharat Trainsets and Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Project.

Water & Sewerage Pipeline & Distribution sector saw 1,282 contracts worth Rs 90,949.01 crore, with notable contracts bagged by Apco Infratech and Megha Engineering & Infrastructures.

Other sectors like Community Services, Telecom Services, Real Estate, Hospitals, and Shipping Infrastructure also saw significant contract awards.

NHAI topped the list of contract awarders, followed by NTPC and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). Larsen & Toubro emerged as the leader in securing contracts, with Bharat Electricals leading in terms of total value.

Additionally, Indian companies secured 74 overseas contracts in sectors like Fertilisers, Petrochemicals, and Petroleum products, with Larsen & Toubro and Megha Engineering & Infrastructures winning major contracts in Saudi Arabia and Mongolia.

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