Solar panels_Uttarakhand_ProjectsMonitorThe Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency recently released details of a scheme developed with the objective of supporting grid-interactive rooftop and small solar photovoltaic systems in the state.

The scheme proposes projects of 5 MW total capacity for 2013-15.

Under the scheme, the generated power from the solar PV system would be utilized fully by powering captive loads during day time and the excess power fed into grid subject to its availability. Where the solar power is not sufficient because of reasons such as cloud cover, captive loads would be served by drawing power from grid.

The grid-interactive rooftop system would work on net metering basis. Alternatively, two meters could be installed to measure the export and import of power separately.

Ideally, grid-interactive systems do not require battery back-up. However, in order to enhance performance reliability of the overall system, a minimum battery back-up of one hour load capacity has been recommended. In case of grid failure, either the solar power needs to be fully utilized or the excess power being fed into the grid stopped immediately for safety reasons.

The feed in tariff for the power generated from the solar power plant would be decided by the Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission. The electricity grid has to be made available near the solar installation by concerned agencies such as Power Transmission Corporation of Uttarakhand Limited and Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited.

The scheme allows individuals, residential/commercial/institutional/government building owners and industrial units to set up grid-interactive rooftop and small solar PV power plant within the prescribed capacity limit, which is 300 Watt to 100 KW for systems with battery back-up and up to 500 KW for those without battery back-up.

A Power Purchase Agreement would have to be signed between the owner of the building, third party and the discom, as applicable.

UREDA would receive applications for setting up grid-interactive rooftop and small solar PV systems under the scheme till the time the target of 5 MW total capacity is met.

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