first vertical lift railway sea bridge
first vertical lift railway sea bridge
The Indian Railways is working on the country’s first vertical lift bridge. The bridge will allow the railways to operate trains at higher speed and increase the volume of traffic between Pamban and Rameswaram.

The construction work on the New Pamban Bridge is making headway. The work on the substructure has been completed and 65 out of 99 girders have been launched.

The bridge will be operational from March 2023. However, the Indian Railways has not given any specific date of the completion of the construction work on the bridge.

The estimated cost of the project is around Rs 250 crore. The bridge is more than two km long and will have a 63 mtr stretch which will lift up, while remaining parallel to the deck to allow access to the ships.

This bridge is planned to be constructed in automotive mode, allowing two ships to pass under the bridge at the same time.

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