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Rohit Ranjan_Metal Buildings_ProjectsMonitorThe most significant advantages of metal buildings are time and cost. A metal building can be completed considerably faster and at a lower investment, writes Rohit Ranjan, General Manager – Marketing, Tata BlueScope Building Solutions.

Use of steel in construction is no longer limited to reinforcement for concrete. Steel construction is evolving from boxlike steel structures to aesthetically pleasing designs. As more and more people are experiencing the advantages of metal buildings and skill sets across the value chain are improving, this shift is increasingly gaining momentum.

Tata BlueScope Steel was established to offer value added steel products and solutions to its customers across South Asia. The Building Solutions Business division brings the desired focus to delivering the best-in-class metal building solutions.

Tata BlueScope Building Solutions currently offers design, manufacture, supply and erection of complete metal building solutions, under its premium BUTLER Building Systems and contemporary ECOBUILD Building Systems brands.

The ‘FM Approved’ MR-24 Standing Seam Roof System, offered exclusively with BUTLER buildings, has a one-of-a-kind 360deg Pittsburg Double Lock Seam. This seaming process is similar to what is adopted for beverage cans. We offer a 10-year leak proof warranty on MR-24.

Tata BlueScope Building Solutions also offers the factory punched BR-II Roof System. With ECOBUILD buildings, roof options include TRIMDEK and CUSTOM ORB profiles. Liner panels, decking options, and several optional accessories are also offered.

Primary structural frames are manufactured by Tata BlueScope Building Solutions with careful consideration to material and workmanship. Secondary and cladding elements are roll-formed with strict compliance to process and quality. For optimum performance across the life of the building, all accessories and components are sourced from the best.

Key customer benefits
For an industry where the potential to supply exceeds market demand, capacity is a bit of a misnomer. It is ‘capability’ that has a far more significant role to play. Our capability to meet customer expectations of on-time, leak-proof and safe erection of their metal buildings is what sets us apart from the competition.

On-time delivery: The most important need of a project perhaps is: to be completed on-time. Over the last few years, Tata BlueScope Building Solutions has adopted ‘Critical Chain Project Management’ approaches to facilitate on-time completion of projects. We follow full kit rules, avoid frequent shifting of priorities, maintain waiting buckets and constantly monitor project progress across all stages of project execution. Our delivery performance has improved significantly, and we are able to provide accurate updates on project status.

Leak-proof performance: The next priority for metal buildings is leak-proof performance. Typical sources for leakages in metal buildings are laps, ends, piercings and roof openings. Early leakages can be attributed to a combination of poor workmanship, tools and even materials. However, leakages can develop over a period of time, due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by changes in ambient temperature.
A dedicated group within Tata BlueScope Building Solutions has extensively analysed reasons for leakages, and has developed checklists and methods, acquired special tools and conducted extensive training of personnel, at our in-house training centre. We monitor leakage instances in our buildings, and have seen significant reductions since.

Safe erection: Tata BlueScope Building Solutions is continuously investing in building internal capabilities, as well as developing logistics and builder partners. This is critical for meeting another key customer requirement, safe and incident free project completion.

Our erection practices today leverage the most modern equipment and practices. For example, we have made use of boom-lifts, instead of scaffolding, mandatory for all our projects. This not only prevents accidents, but also helps in faster erection.

Excellence in design and delivery: Each metal building is unique, like a signature or a thumb impression! Our teams get involved early, with project architects, consultants and owners, to understand the specific requirements of each building. The objective is to create aesthetically pleasing buildings that match the functional, as well as aspirational requirements.

Tata BlueScope Building Solutions gets access to the latest developments in technology through our principals, Butler Manufacturing, USA. Several listening posts have been established to gain an understanding of emerging customer needs. We have even created one for addressing customer complaints in a formal and structured manner.

Tata BlueScope Building Solutions has already completed in excess of 1,000 projects for industrial, warehousing, commercial and infrastructure applications, across various locations in India. Our list of clients includes several prominent Indian and overseas organisations.

Our operating philosophy is strongly anchored to serving markets which are looking for the highest standards of engineering excellence, superior quality of products and workmanship, and timely completion of buildings.

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