Grundfos Blueflux Pumps Photo:
Grundfos Blueflux Pumps

Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading pump manufacturers in India, participated in CHEMTECH World Expo 2015. This event, held in Mumbai from January 28-31, aimed to bring the chemical manufacturing and the allied services companies under one roof. Grundfos is showcased its best-in-class and energy efficient pumps pertaining to chemical, process and pharma industries at this expo.

Grundfos is a leading player in offering industrial pump solutions. Apart from chemical, process and pharma industries, the company has a range of pumps and service applications for other industries including automotive, cement, industrial boilers, industrial water treatment, manufacturing, food and beverage, industrial wastewater, machining, marine, mining, pharmaceutical, textile, washing and cleaning, paper, temperature control, tyre etc.

Grundfos has around 17 products and 59 service applications related to the industry segment. Some of the key service applications are chemical treatment of water supply, biocide, disinfection, filtration, digital dosing, agricultural water treatment etc.

One of the unique features of every Grundfos pump is its energy efficiency. In August 2014, Grundfos switched from IE1 to IE2 motors as a standard for all its pumps, which is a first for the Indian pump industry ensuring higher energy efficiency. Without the right motor, even the top quality pumps will continuously waste energy. IE2 motors are highly energy efficient and it will help reduce the lifecycle cost of the pump and also save the operational costs.

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