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Rohit J. Shah, Director, Pakona Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd

Pakona Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd, which has a state-of-the art facility spread across one lakh sq. ft area in Vadodara, Gujarat, plans to capitalise on the government’s ‘Swachchh Bharat’ mission through fresh growth opportunities in pipe manufacturing, as Rohit J. Shah tells Projectmonitor in this interview.

What is your view on Budget 2015-16 and how will it affect your industry?
This year’s budget is very favourable for construction equipment as government is focusing on infrastructure development. Execution of policies on time will play a very important role.

How will the finance minister’s renewed thrust on manufacturing and infrastructure sectors benefit Pakona Engineers?
The finance minister’s renewed thrust on manufacturing and infrastructure sectors will create a huge demand for our machines in the market. This will give a boost to our industry. ‘Swachch Bharat’ will need pipes for gutters and in turn will need more machines to make pipes.

What steps has your company taken to capitalise on the ‘Make in India’ mission?
To capitalise on ‘Make in India’, we have started manufacturing vertical cast concrete pipe machines 100 per cent in India.

Going forward, what are the key growth drivers for your company?
We are focused on providing 100 per cent Indian made machines with best of service from our side.

What growth rates in 2014-15 are you looking at for your industry in general and for your company in particular?
We are looking forward to 100 per cent growth ratio in 2014-15 while our company growth will be double that of last year.

What are your company’s growth plans for the next financial year?
If this budget is favourable then we are going to plan expansion of our manufacturing units to cater to new demand.

Do you have any investment plans for 2015-16?
No comment.

What are your views on government measures in the area of localisation and skill development?
No comment.

Does Pakona intend to launch any new products or focus on any specific business areas?
We have already launched two products last year, one is HDPE lined RCC pipes and the other manholes. This time we are focusing on Jersey barriers for dividers used in bridges and highways.

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