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Anil K Malhotra_Engineers India_ProjectsMonitorDr Anil K. Malhotra retired as the Regional Energy Adviser for Asia Region in the World Bank in 2005 and is now a part-time international energy consultant, visiting professor at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad on ‘Leadership and management’ and at Bridging Nations University. He started his professional career in Indian Railways in 1963, where he designed a number of bridges and other off the beaten track structures. In 1970, he created the first offshore engineering design organisation in Engineers India Ltd, the largest consulting company in Asia. He has been a member of the Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, a 10-man advisory group, and was also chairman of a number of national panels, which produced the first national science and technology plan for India in 1975.

In 1979, Dr. Malhotra took over as executive member of the board of directors of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, directly responsible for exploration and production of all offshore oil and gas in India and, in 1984, he became the Chief Operating Officer of the $5-billion oil and gas company. It was under his management that ONGC’s offshore oil production increased in the span of three years.

He joined the World Bank in 1986 and worked on a number of countries in the Asia region, including China, Indonesia., Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal, India and Bangladesh, on a variety of assignments in oil, gas, geothermal exploration and production, pipelines, power generation and transmission, energy sector restructuring, state enterprise reform and privatisation and also for the strategic planning division of the Bank. In 1996, he moved to Vietnam as adviser to the government for the energy sector on behalf of the Bank and spent the next eight years there working on a variety of assignments. He was awarded a medal by the Government of Vietnam for his contributions to the energy sector.

Dr. Malhotra has a B.Tech degree from IIT, Kharagpur, a Masters from M.I.T., a doctorate from University of California at Berkeley, and a business management degree from Harvard Business School. He was selected as the Homi Bhabha Fellow in 1972 and was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award by IIT, Kharagpur, in 2010. He has a large number of professional publications to his credit and is the author of the following books: ‘Ocean Science and Technology, A Passion to Build India’s Quest for Offshore Technology, Straight from the Heart, Reflections of a Curious Mind, Pioneers of Offshore Technology, Obama and Ne, and Musings of a Curious Mind.

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