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Saikat Chatterjee_ProjectsMonitorSaikat Chatterjee, civil engineer with more than 10 years experience in specialised field of geotechnical and hydraulic engineering, was a student of Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, West Bengal. He has completed his Masters degree in Business Administration after his B.E. in civil engineering.

Saikat has started his career as a project engineer overseeing construction activities on National Highway-2. After spending four years at various project work sites, he started pursuing management role, particularly in the field of business strategies and business development.

Currently, Chatterjee is National Manager-Business Development in Reinforced Earth India, a wholly owned subsidiary of a significant French Engineering company –Soletanche-Freyssinet involved in the fields of soils, structures and nuclear science and technology.

While speaking to Projectmonitor, Chatterjee said, “Globally, civil engineering has come across many innovations and inventions and journeyed a long way in the last century or so. However, in India, the openness and acceptance towards such ‘new’ technologies are still lacking. We must understand that innovative technologies can reduce time and cost of a project.”

Chatterjee also feels that the concept of specialist contractor is not present in India. As a result, engineering is taking a back-seat and products are becoming dominant for any engineering solution. In other countries, the scenario is other way round.

He pointed some of the inventions like pre-stressed concrete and reinforced earth technology by Eugene Freyssinet and Henry Vidal and concept of glass reinforced concrete and pre-engineered structural solutions, etc. as remarkable products from the engineering field to the world.

Lastly he says, “Global view of an engineer towards any project solution should always have to be valued.”

Saikat has participated in different mechanical soil stabilisation technical seminars and workshops in India and abroad. He has contributed articles in technical publications on request as well. He has received the CIDC Viswakarma Award 2014 for Health, Safety and Environment on behalf of Reinforced Earth India.

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