Name of the project: ICON Cinema|PVR Cinemas
Location: Oberoi Mall, Goregaon, Mumbai
Client: PVR Ltd.
Design Firm: ivpartners
Design Team: Ishvinder Kaur and Vikas Sabharwal
Area: 40,000 sq. ft.
Completion Date: Dec 2017
Photo Courtesy: PVR Ltd.

ivpartners have visualised & designed the splendid ICON Cinema located in Goregaon, Mumbai with a glistening sense of style. Situated on the third floor of the eminent Oberoi Mall, this multiplex is a beautiful illustration of design with functions played out right upfront.

The client wanted this prominent facility in the mall to be regenerated so as to bring alive its relevance. Also, the existing cinema to get a reinvention with new features & functions for a contemporary & most iconic experience. The brief & approach was to make a strong signature statement in the mega urban centre of Mumbai. The design concept was therefore derived from the magnetic line vectors that could create a powerful & dynamic field of force.

7 SeatingIncorporating the idea of reinvention, the experience of the multiplex begins at a pre-function area which encompasses a showstopping suspension chandelier fabricated in glass tubes & brass. It is arrived through a branding portal configured with large seamless LED, playing dynamic media and movie promotions. The concept behind is to assimilate the idea of the multiplex as a frontrunner in cutting edge new technology for a large than life experience.

Within this pre-function, are hosted the ticket, e-ticketing and information experiences. The main ticket box with a reception like counter now boasts its composition with a marble bulkhead & LED displays, crowned above. The design following a magnetic line field contrived with dark brown and light beige Italian marble, spreads across through the counter front & flooring.

3 Box OfficeStepping inside the mesmerising arrival space is sheer ecstasy which compels the patrons to forget the world outside and relish its absolute magnificence. Unveiling a masterful spectacle, is the staggered ribbon line geometry flowing from the counters, spreading out in animation and enveloping the overall ceiling & flooring. The dramatic ceiling here, comprises of a collection of varied lighting elements beginning from soft and indirect amber architectural lighting, strip lighting & LED based coves to create the desired effect. Contemporary lux design language is captured in through the use of golden mirrors & high gloss brass with wood laminate finish summarizing the entire arena, infusing it with a radiant aura.

A centrally located island comes up as a concession, in a new-fangled approach, amidst delectable displays and multiple f&b configurations. Cream marble counters and brass display suspensions, wrapped around appetising displays, accented with halo and soft cove lighting, kindle the persona of this double heighted concessionaire. Etched brass in bar code pattern forms the backdrop, magnifying its unusual & spectacular look.

Opposite to the concession space, the seating area is set up in an intimate experience, assembled inside alcoves below rakes. With deep recessed bays for seating areas, a callout was designed, rolling out like a carpet in the flooring and modelling a canopy in the ceiling, respectively. Both the design elements flair out flamboyantly, bestowing an inviting feel into the lounging space with linear marble seats running parallel to a generously large circular tan leather ottoman & accent wing chairs.

Adjoining the seating area, the entry doors to the auditoriums are flagged with quirky panelled hat ceilings inclined in high gloss wood finish, with strip lights for housing auditorium numerals. CNC cut metal inlay on main auditorium entrance doors make for ornamental objects shimmering & beckoning inside. Creating a trumping signature, an array of waterfall glass tube chandeliers are suspended from high ceilings, finished in MOP (metallic mother of pearl) on 3D textured boards.

14 Male WashroomLocated at the converging end, the washrooms in a combination of black & crème with antique gold glass on vanity walls, continue to bring alive the design experience in full grandeur. Keeping in view the sustainability requisites, this project also incorporated the utilisation of the existing service locations, imparting them with the minimum needed reconfigurations.

Although an enormous restructuring was envisaged to create a whole new way of interaction & display, with a young-gen patronage the approach was to establish a multiplex experience, bringing together the contemporary trends, while adapting to the cultural & sub cultural contexts of our society. Thus, ivpartners have successfully managed to showcase the changing face of society & have set a compass for future advancement in entertainment experience with ICON Goregaon.

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