RESORT Everest BoardsThe Task A luxury boutique resort, designed by a top notch architect, wanted to experiment with wood based aesthetics. The tropical climate of Goa was a concern. Their options were Marine ply for roof tile substrate and Pinewood for cladding and ceiling. Everest helped them get the desired Portuguese backdrop with Fibre cement boards and planks.

While the client wanted to use wood extensively, the humid climatic conditions did not support their vision, owing to the fact that wood is susceptible to damage with water, fire, termites etc. Everest proposed the use of cement boards as the perfect material for the resort. Being a new age product, gaining the client’s confidence was a challenge. We convinced them to do a mock-up installation. This installation was quite impressive. It addressed all their concerns and helped Everest bag the project. Everest Fibre cement boards and planks, gave them the exact look of wood without the disadvantages. The roof tile underlay was done by Everest Standard boards and Everest Cement planks were used for cladding, barricades and pillars, weaving the bohemian story with style. Everest cement boards, planks and Artewood are now being recommended by many architects and builders. It is gaining both popularity and acceptance in the hospitality sector.

While the Resort enjoys the adulation of tourists, the guests enjoy their vacation in the secluded settings of this eco-friendly aesthetic marvel. This piece of art is now a symbol of pride for Goa as well as Everest.

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