Name of the project: Sobha Palladian
Design Team: Abhishek Chadha, Majid Alam (3D) and Anshulika Sharma (2D)
Location: HAL, Bangalore
Area (Sq ft): 4 BHK, 3,400 Sq Feet
Completion date: 30th June 2020
Initiation date: 1st Feb 2020
Budget: 75 Lakhs
Photo courtesy: Dark Studio

LIGHTING – LED and Energy Efficient Lighting
COLOUR SCHEME – Neutral with highlighted accent wall
FURNITURE – Mid-century modern blended with modern and contemporary.
MATERIALS – Floor to ceiling lacquer glass/mirror wardrobes with a touch of veneer,
acrylic, PU lacquer
INNOVATION – Design such a way to create rooms that felt like sanctuaries, which were both comfortable and meaningful.


Spread across a sprawling 3400 square feet, this Bangalore home is a celebration of a tangible humbleness amalgamated with a dash of modernity. For entrepreneur cum designer Abhishek Chadha, the aspiration was for a space that was deeply embedded in the mid-century style culture. The designer incorporated eclectic design with a fusion of upscale & contemporary interiors that blends well into the theme. Team ‘The KariGhars’ perfects the narrative of a modern-day abode that is warm, eclectic & dramatic. The team exceptionally marries texture, materials & different finishes for a style that is distinct yet inviting. The client envisioned a space that was a perfect mix of contemporary sophistication along with being quiet, idyllic & in many ways a luxurious retreat.

As one enters this 4 BHK house, the foyer serves as an interesting play of space. A unique seating arrangement greets the visitors that also accommodates a provision for storage. Along with the seating arrangement is a console table which is the hardest-working & utilitarian piece in the furniture catalog. This console blends well with its surroundings & is capable of multiple functions throughout the space. Moving on, the living room is done up in an eclectic decor that transcribes harmony and the coming together of disparate styles, juxtaposing textures, and contrasting colors. A special focus has been laid on creating a cohesive, beautifully realized room that wouldn’t be out of place in a home since this genre of design style takes verve and a great fascination to the eye. The highlight of the living room is the accent color wingback chairs next to an ultra-modern coffee table. A plethora of elements has been used in the room, for instance, an antique clock on the wall, a wallpaper that serves as a focal point on the accent wall, beautiful pendant lights that leads onto the dining room. Further, a buddha statue decorated with artifacts serves as a partition between the living & dining room. The delicate nature of this scheme is absolutely special!

The dining room is the most happening space of a residence. The owners gather in this space & spend considerable time chatting whilst enjoying a meal & relishing a drink! The KariGhars have kept in mind the needs of their client & designed a flawless space for them to luxuriate in. The bar area just next to the dining table is aesthetically pleasing & adds to the regal nature of the expanse. The kitchen is one such area that caters to a variety of functions like cooking, washing a place of storage, a stovetop, an oven, a workstation to cut vegetables, etc. Not only do all these functions need different equipment and also the lighting requirement would differ for each of the functions. The KariGhars have covered all the aspects of a multifunctional & smart kitchen. Adept with state-of-the-art equipment & built over clean lines, it sure packs a punch.

Abhishek believes that homes store everything that we call our own, from the people to the things. In this residence, he decides to spruce up the space & adds warmth by creating comfortable corners within the expanse. Decorating them with small knickknacks & personal memorabilia, he transforms the space into a rich & elegant space. The furniture he has used throughout this residence is a fusion of mid-century modern & contemporary styles. Mixing and matching different furniture design styles was a fun and clever way to master a beautifully realized eclectic home décor. The master bedroom is a concoction of elegance & grandeur. As it is a space for multiple activities, there is ample provision of artificial lights in the night as well as natural light during the day time. A subtle color palette has been chosen for the bedroom & the ceiling offset the colors in the room through cove lighting. The room has adequate storage in the form of a big floor to ceiling mirror wardrobe with a touch of veneer & side drawers in multiple locations throughout the space. The kid’s bedroom is nothing short of a spectacle. A cheerful yellow & blue color scheme was chosen & bunk beds encompassing the shape of a hut were provided. The pendant light atop the wooden structure creates an impression of different shadows that leaves the onlookers spellbound.

The USP of this luxurious abode is the home office. Its a private enclosure that can be used to work from home & other research work. They have made sure there is an unrestricted movement for the users & ample storage space by giving enough shelves & drawers. Owing to the pandemic that has affected the whole world at large, home offices are the need of the hour. Another special feature of the house is the sustainability factor that is incorporated into the furniture placed on the terrace. It was made out of reclaimed wood that gave an elegant look to the balcony. This type of furniture is completely eco-friendly and depicts a traditional look. The KariGhars’ focus was not just to deliver a design but create an epitome of quality while making it a memorable experience.

Creativity is the process of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It is determined by the ability & yearning to perceive the world in new ways, which can be achieved by finding hidden patterns & making connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena with the intent to generate solutions. This residence is a personification of all the virtues the KariGhars stand by. Even a global pandemic could not stop them from delivering this project on time, as promised to the client. Such is their commitment to an impeccable record of customer satisfaction. The KariGhars is a brand name that is synonymous with opulence & grandeur. Think luxury, Think KariGhars.

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