Location: Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
Area (Sq.ft): 2200 sq. ft.
Completion date: Jan 2018
Initiation date: Sep 2017
Photo courtesy: Lite Bite Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Design Team: Ishvinder Kaur, Vikas Sabharwal, Mittali Kattoch, Divya Mullick, Abhinav Saini


Art and culture is an integral aspect of any public space, owing to the nostalgia that is imbibed in the users, arousing the reminiscent memories of the golden eras. The Punjab Grill at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai caters to its customers with this particular aspect and a melange of experiences created through a contemporary portrayal of the vibrant Punjabi flamboyance. Possessing an all-day diner semblance, the interior design scheme is hinged around providing a subtle aroma of sumptuous cuisine served while plating a vivacious composition to dine in.

Punjab5Merging a perpetual dining scenario with the traditional heritage of the North-India, while being at par with the esteemed notion of the brand : was a three fold approach that was acquired to successfully compose this classic restaurant. Evident illustrations depicting the intricate legacy of Punjab, including the ‘phulkari’ and ‘jaali’ incorporated motifs, have been intertwined with the strings of efficient functionality and contemporary perceptions. Renovated from an old colonial structure, requisite changes were inculcated in the structure while preserving the charm of the built-up. This acted as a classic foreground for laying out the foundation stone of an exuberant dining. The ideology, thus, was to create a design that would elucidate the gallant tale of the past and exhibit the luxuries of a modern dining set-up, in one frame of the panorama.

The external façade of the restaurant portrays an imposing yet royal appearance, symbolic of ‘Shera’ : the official mascot of the brand. Accomplished in stone masonry and rose windows, the edifice also inculcates colonial arched frames that bind the fenestrations and doorways in a cognitive frame. Supporting brackets in white, exquisitely carved with complying patterns, impart the first glimpse of the Punjab Grill Restaurant with a resemblance of archaic structures. An extended awning in black leading to a ‘red-carpet’ entry through a glass door, draws the user to the imminent interiors.

Punjab4The arrival chandelier marks the inception of the double heighted arrival, with its custom created classic tiered style in linear glass crystals. Its pious amber reflections amplify the grandiose of the arrival by a marginal extent. Further on, featuring a colour palette of yellow and tan is the main dining area, that greets the arriving user with snippets of opulence exhibited through the mild accents of gold. The space incorporates mid-century furnishing in tan and grey shades supplemented with warm veneer textures and glistening brass rims. While maintaining a posh aura with the help of mood lighting, sufficient natural light has been in fluxed through colonial bay windows. A ceiling coated with textured paint and illuminated with concealed lighting, roofs this diner and manoeuvres the attention to an intimate bar-setup, accommodated beneath the stairway. With an essence of regality oozing out, the design of the bar is implemented with a leather panelled fascia and back-lit displays. A continuing black marble floor, accentuated with contemporary versions of ‘phulkari’ motifs, leads the user to the grand staircase directed towards the mezzanine floor. Primarily serving the purpose of commute, this stairway does not fail to express its graceful design scheme through its marble lit risers and black treads. Flanked by tall walls, overlooking the arrival, these serve as a canvas to the compelling mural of ‘Shera’ ; resonating his bold entry to the town! Weaved with golden thread on a pattern of pin-heads, this artistic asset enhances the elegance of the thematic décor while complying with the artistic ode of Kala Ghoda district.

The mezzanine floor houses further dining spaces and a lavishly laid out private dining room, which renders itself as the showstopper of this prolific composition. The dining spaces offer a substantial centre stage to the picture-lit collages of erstwhile Punjab and traditional wall panels. Circumscribed around a circular chandelier, the seating in the private dining room exhibits its panache through its tan and muted yellow palette.

Punjab6Revived from a structure of the Colonial era possessing a Neo-Classical design language, the prevalent composition has been created to preserve this historic legacy, defining it in modern terms. Being at par with the requisite need of sustainable architecture for the residents of the city, all structural elements and openings of the built unit were kept intact, and geared up with glazed golden etching and brass rims to serve the aesthetic purpose. Optimum usage of daylighting has been promoted through the inculcation of glazed fenestrations, that aid in minimised utilisation of non-renewable resources of energy. Efficient planning with appropriate segregation of service and dining arenas, ease the installation of effluent treatment units that render the generated waste, harmless to the natural environment.

The Punjab Grill at Kala Ghoda, not only serves to maintain the dignity of the North-Indian legacy but presents an ambiance that is user-friendly and as savour-able as the cuisine served.

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