Orientbell Tiles launches 800 x2400 mm Granalt series – an affordable alternative to Natural Slabs New Delhi, June 2021:  As one of the leading tile manufacturers of the country, Orientbell Tiles proudly launches the largest size collect – the all new Granalt Range sized at 800X2400 mm. These natural-looking tiles are an excellent alternative of granite or marble with an added advantage of easy installation, affordable prices, and maintenance.

With natural granite and marble being heavy on the pocket, Orientbell’s Granalt tiles bring value for money. An easy installation process with low cost-maintenance makes these tiles extremely cost-effective. These tiles also come in a large size of 800x2400mm, which can be cut and moulded easily in all desired shapes and sizes.

Also, unlike natural marble and granite slabs that lack colour options, the tiles under the Granalt series come in a variety of colours. Some of the most attractive colours featured in this collection are Granalt Brown, Granalt Galactic Blue, Granalt Royal Black, and Granalt Portoro Gold.

Tiles from the Granalt series come with a glossy finish and are stain resistant. These tiles can be mopped, cleaned, and even washed without the worry of damaging their finish. Being versatile in utility, these tiles can be easily mounted on floors, walls, tabletops, kitchen slabs or even as your door and window frames.

“Granalt tiles come with the look and feel of natural marble and granite but with the advantage of trendy shades and colour options. These tiles are going to give your homes a luxurious and classy look while being easy on the pocket. Consumers can now access the Granalt series along with our entire catalogue on our website, www.orientbell.com ” – Mr. Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer

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