Orientbell Tiles launches Serenity Tiles, a range offering customers peace of mind!

New Delhi, July 2022: Building homes and beautiful spaces takes time, patience, and a lot of work. The process of renovating your home is a fulfilling one, be it changing the colour of the walls or changing the tiles on the floor. The joy of a revamped house is truly unmatched!

When planning the interiors, tiles are one of the most important elements as they increase the visual appeal and aesthetic of the space. The modern consumer also seeks assurance as they want a stress-free and one-time investment solution for their needs. This is where Orientbell’s Serenity Tiles range provides the peace of mind one needs.

The newly launched double charged tiles offer offers a long-lasting gloss which is significantly greater than other options in this space. In addition to this, consumers are always exploring ways to make the space look bigger, and with Serenity Tiles, one can choose between 600x1200mm and 800x1600mm tile sizes. These large tiles also help in reducing scratches and making them look almost non-existent.

In this new launch, the designs and colour coordination are flawless. With a mix of old and new designs, one has the option of choosing from the 8 designs in 600x1200mm and 4 designs in 800x1600mm. Each design has a unique inspiration, like River Black is inspired from Agatha Black granite, whereas the River White and River Crema are light shades which are like free-flowing water. If one wants to choose from evergreen shades, designs like Nu Canto Ash, Canto Crema and Canto White are the ideal choice. These designs add a touch of class and subtlety while giving consumers value for money as they build their dream home.

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