Modern,Staircase,With,Stainless,Steel,Square,Post,Cable,Rail,SystemNew Delhi, August 2022: When building a home or any commercial space, staircases are one of the most important parts of the construction process. We often do a considerable amount of research to understand each aspect, be it design, dimensions, finish of the tiles, or the material to be used. However, having the knowledge staircase is crucial. For example, did you know that there are 3 key elements as part of a staircase?

In simple words, each staircase has a step, a riser and a landing. The steps are the horizontal part which supports the weight of each step. Risers are the vertical part placed between each step. These can be either closed or open, depending on the preferred style of the staircase. Landings are a level floor or platform constructed at a location where the direction of stairs changes. These are installed after a series of steps & risers which are usually 600x1200mm in size.

While it may seem like a big task to build a staircase whilst ensuring all components are in place, Orientbell’s new Inspire Step & Riser range offers everything that an architect or a homeowner may need to bring it all together. Step & Risers are used for both aesthetics and functionality. These are used as main components of the staircase and for each step in the common set of stairs. 

Some staircases don’t include the risers and have an open back. Instead of having an open back on each step of a staircase, risers help to cover that area to provide a pleasing look. On the other hand, step & risers also provide structural support for every step and the whole staircase altogether.

In addition, consumers also look for designs that infuse colour and add a sense of creativity to not only enhance the stairs but also their entire space. This is in addition to ensuring that durability and safety go uncompromised. In this new launch, the designs and color coordination are flawless. This range is matte finish making the tiles anti-skid with different punch options for better safety and grip while being strong and long-lasting. These are available in standard sizes which are fast laying and ready to move, contributing to the convenience of installation as compared to granite & marble as a material which are a cause of inconvenience.

“The Inspire Step and Riser range attempts to bring a wholesome, subtle and embellished look while catering to the ongoing trends in the market”, Mr. Santosh Upadhyay, Category Head – GVT, Orientbell Tiles. The collection features 8 Steps, 8 Risers and 8 Landing Tiles. Consumers can choose from Groove Punch Portoro Black Marble, Deck Punch Sand beige and Mosaic Punch Sand grey light, all of which add a subtle touch of class, while being low maintenance at the same time.

About Orientbell Tiles:

Orientbell Tiles ( is one of India’s leading tile brands and has been manufacturing & marketing tiles for the last 45 years (since 1977). It has as a brand evolved to cater to the 21st century, where innovation and sustainability lie at the core of its mission – whether it is products like Anti-viral Tiles, Anti-Static Tiles, Germfree Forever Tiles and Cool Tiles or service offerings like Trialook, Quicklook, and OBL Connect that leverage digital to simplify the tile buying process. It has 3 factories at Sikanderabad (Noida, UP), Dora (Near Baroda, Guj) and Hoskote (Near Bengaluru, Ktk) to service key markets. Products from these factories & JVs are distributed through a network of 2,000+ channel partners and 285+ Orientbell Tile boutiques.

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