[metaslider id=8919]Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha and known as the city of temples, has been an attraction for tourists all over the world. To ease the ever-growing traffic density, the city planners and national highway developers decided to elevate the Bhubaneswar-Chandikhole section of NH-5 which runs through the city of Bhubaneswar. The prime objective is to avoid traffic congestion and accidents.

Keeping this in mind, construction of bridges on NH-5 was planned. Initially the approaches of five bridges were planned to be made of Reinforced Earth Retaining wall. Reinforced Earth India was awarded the job, being a global leader in this business.

To execute the job Reinforced Earth India adopted the GeoMega Connection system with Geostrap-5 technology, with EPC model of work. It was a critical and precision project to execute under heavy moving traffic with proper safety. But overcoming all hindrances, a major portion of the work was completed successfully and safely.

The five bridges, whose approaches were planned initially to be made of Reinforced Earth Wall, namely Fire Station, CRPF Chowk, Acharya Vihar, Vani Vihar and Phulnakhra, were planned by the concessionaire to segregate the highway traffic from the city. Therefore, the major constraints envisaged were city traffic that would be interrupted during the work, high risks of accidents, and economy in construction.

It was a challenging job for Reinforced Earth India but with proper planning and joint efforts by the main contractor, the company was able to complete 95 per cent of the overall job in a professional manner in nearly a year’s time. City traffic was diverted suitably for the execution of work. Due to the high safety culture maintained by Reinforced Earth India, risk of accidents were minimised to the lowest possible level. The system adopted by the company had helped to economise the cost of construction.

* While the job is being executed by Reinforced Earth India in EPC model, thereby it was a very challenging job to simultaneously plan, manage and arrange, in a timely manner, the resources at five different locations. But it was managed suitably through proper planning.

* Under such huge demanding work pressure, it was tough to manage labour and machinery and maintain safety at site. There were high chances of accidents at every point of work. But because of close monitoring at every point and through daily training and practice of safety at site, the above was avoided to the lowest.

Overcoming all the constraints, finally most of the work was finished and traffic started moving through some of the flyovers.

Source: Reinforced Earth India

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