Project name: One8 Commune
Architect’ Firm: Chromed Design Studio
Design Team: Abhigyan Neogi, Piyusha Upadhyay & Shikhar Gaur
Project location: Worldmark 2, Aerocity, New delhi
Commencement: May 2018
Completion: May 2019
Gross Built Area: 4500 sq ft
Photo credits: Arvind Hoon
Client: Ankit Tayal, Vartik Tihara and Virat Kohli
Furniture: Local vendors

With the amplifying levels of stress and scarcity of time among millenials, the importance of leisure and recreation, especially in the form of gastronomical explorations in plush settings has become exponentially high. Most customers today are looking for an experience that feeds all the five primary senses rather than a purely taste based indulgence. From a business point of view, the key notion for attracting customers to such bistros and pubs is primarily connected to being exclusive in the design concept and to have a strong sense of being aesthetically unprecedented to any other eating space of the same cadre.

An evident and unique selling point, in the form of an already renowned entity or brand, sets a precedent of class and luxury in the minds of the users even before actually paying a visit to the space. By launching One8 in collaboration with the multinational brand Puma, ace cricketer Virat Kohli has effectively capitalised on this business aspect. The latest in the line-up of the brand is Commune, a premium gastropub located in the heart of one of the emerging business sectors and buzzing new party address of Delhi, Aerocity, designed by Chromed Design Studio. Through the design, team Chromed has facilitated in the seamless realisation of Virat’s cool demeanour, pragmatic passion and exuberant energy into a brand.

CHROMEDThe initial brief of the project was to create a laid back, unpretentious space where one can enjoy scrumptious food and chill with friends. The design theme of One8 Commune is thus solely based on the theme of togetherness that aims to bring together people of varied tastes and from different backgrounds. From low-key vibe chillers to crazy party freaks, from crazy and eccentric creative artists to the suave & sophisticated corporate go-getters, it’s a place that invites them all. The design vocabulary is a mix of minimal intervention with subtle finishes and bright accents in places that needed to be highlighted with an extravagant appeal.

The space allocation of the various functions showcase a quintessential restaurant style zoning. The seating plan is very simplistic throughout this restaurant & bar and has been split into two levels, connected with a modish suspended steel staircase, taking into account the differing level of privacy and openness that users prefer. The users are given a choice to choose between covered, open and semi-open balcony sitting, thus catering to all preferences. The main service cores like the kitchen and washrooms have been snugged on to the upper level for a privatised utility, available only to the customers. A small bar for smoothies and cocktails has also been incorporated for easier access during rush hours.

Copy of Copy of FNP-CHROMED-7914The formulation of this splendid gastropub begins at the façade, which is a mesmerising combination of double heighted grey wainscoting panels and a white terrazzo gate adding to the simplicity and sophistication of the design. As one enters into the establishment, they are greeted with a huge wall glistening with the autograph of Virat Kohli and equally huge bar on its left which sets a notion of a positive and grand experience in the minds of the user. Another sport based feature is an illuminated score board that displays the scores of popular ongoing sporting events ranging from tennis to badminton to cricket. The bar has a monolithic cast in situ terrazzo with brass inlay logo and long back for additional impact. The space has been accentuated further with the use of interior plants and neon displays. Apart from the statement autographed wall, the staircase has golden round lamps hanging asymmetrically from the ceiling that makes for another eye-catching yet subtle piece of art. The interiors of the dining bar are quite subtle and modest. An overall colour palette in shades of purple & plum have been incorporated for a posh aesthetic. Minimal and simplistic furniture has been integrated seamlessly with and hence compliment the seemingly plain colours and unambiguous design of the restaurant.

One8 Commune is the first of its many outlets planned across various cities. With the plethora of restaurants opening across the city offering exclusivity with themes, menus and wide spectrum of features & utilities, One8 Commune simply creates a space for an audience that allows an uninterrupted and classy dining experience with family and associates. While the initial selling point is the stature and brand value of the captain of the Indian cricket team, it is also the vibe and welcoming atmosphere that will create a more prudent recollection value for the customers.

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