PVRFact File:

Project Name: PVR, Ambience Mall
Location: Gurugram
Client: Renaud Palliere, CEO, International Development PVR.
Typology: Multiplex
Completion Date: Nov 6, 2018
Built Up Area: 8000 sq. ft.
Architectural Firm: DesignEx
Principal Architect & Interior Designer: Smriti Raheja Sawhney
Photo credits: Manish Anand
Design Team: Smriti Raheja Sawhney and Tanya Chutani

Project Story:

Located at Gurugram, PVR, Ambience Mall, designed by DesignEx aims to create a powerful revelation in the multiplex industry. The design approach was to create a contemporary mood which is indulgent, spectacular & gives an ode to the grandiose of movies. Its extravagance delivers a unique concept of class well fused with efficient planning. It’s a perfect blend of luxury and functionality, making it stand out for its unusual look.

The client’s brief was to design an entertainment hub featuring a redefined ambiance of a multiplex and giving its users an all new experience of the world of motion pictures. The intent was to provide complete F&B options so as to capture the audience and increase revenues. The design guideline was to emulate a retro fusion concept having a world wide appeal to the mass audience and infuse newance in a space that looked and felt very dated.

One enters this sumptuous multiplex through an all glass exterior façade which is a combination of modern industrial and casual approach. Interactive kiosks with openable shutters, catering to visitors on both ends of the mall corridor and internal atrium, welcomes the users to relish a multiplex planned with a newfangled design approach. Modern industrial style is accentuated with the primary material palette of matt finish stone in coffee tones, dark charcoal granite mouldings framing satvario panels at the center, elaborating the radiance of the space. Accented with industrial light fixtures, the entrance possesses a dazzling character. Harrods’ style show window illustrating a dedicated promotional area for advertisers and upcoming film memorabilia enhances the entrance amidst implementing its functional regime.

Moving inside the cinema foyer in the front, the patron discovers ‘Kitchen Central’. This grand modern concessionaire serving refreshments to the audience is designed with a pictorial semblance. Front facet of this area is contrived with satvario and burberry beige stone cladding. It is framed within brass and wooden vertical/horizontal members, detailed with brass bracket on top that ushers the space to delve into an affable environment. The rear encompasses side shafts with black ceramic moldings on one side including neon signage, and gilded artwork encased in ceramic molding on the other. Massive screens and gilded artworks on the back wall grant an astonishing ambiance to the space. Shelves loaded with copper vintage utensils and blue siphons on top with slanted pique mirrors hold the place, converting it into a classic F&B experience. Round white globe pendant lights falling above the customer counter and under counter LED profile highlight the delicacies on display. Quick tix profiles mounted on the left-and right-hand side satvario cladded walls are highlighted by brass framed macassar ebony high gloss panels, making them stand out against the background.

The stairwell is the most prominent feature all over the expanse, marking its presence to the right of the cinema foyer. It is designed using backlit paneling with coffee tones in ‘art deco style’, rooting an international vibe into the entire space. Rich Macassar veneer panelling with carriage wall lights infuses an ornamental aura to the contemporary worldliness of the area. Multiple mirrors bound in glistening brass frames resting on the recessed brass handrail, instill drama throughout the stairwell.

Further moving onto the left of the Kitchen Central, through a lobby space, the plan meanders the user to food kiosks which replicate the design style of the kitchen central.

In front of the kiosks is located a flamboyant banquette seating area portraying a fresh café look and feel. With olive green as base colour, series of mirrors and artworks are inculcated on the walls bringing to the fore an offbeat theme. Wooden panelling, with ceramic tile band runs throughout giving a vertical profile, which imparts an illusion of height to the expanse. The area is furnished with long community table with marble countertop, thick brass rim and solid metal frame. A lit up pink flamingo among lush palm planters infuse a tropical vibe in the space, adding an element of fun. The area kindles with combination of thin picture and globe white pendant lights.

The private spaces at the end of the lobby, are functionally driven and have been given an ambient essence through the inclusion of light tones, white marble and small lighting assets.

Advancing to the right of the kitchen central, through a defined lobby space, an exuberant lounge appears. Luxurious furniture in multiple configurations and variant colour scheme and hand tufted carpets form a comfortable seating area for the customers used to the finer things in life.Mirrors and wallpaper bound in glistening brass frames alternatively adds to the vibrant design scheme. The lounge houses a coffee bar and its backdrop is accessorised with conventional coffee churners set in a backlit display.

Due to heavier footfall in the multiplex neutral colour scheme was involved to confer a subtle soothing vibe to the extent.

Thus, the newly renovated cinema space aims to amalgamate reflective interfaces to create aesthetically ornamented spaces while catering to the functional prospects of a high-end multiplex design.

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