Full Body TilesNew Delhi, 3rd January, 2020: To mark the beginning of the new decade, Orient Bell Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic and vitrified tiles in the country, along with being BSE listed past 20+ years, has bagged a contract with the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation with their Sahara Series – Full Body Tiles. OBL is one out of the select few companies to manufacture a tile series like this in North India, launching it from their flagship plant in Sikandrabad, UP.

The Lucknow Metro has replaced Kota stones with Sahara Series in a more cost efficient move without compromising on its strength, looks or durability.

The Sahara Series is a work of diligence, providing homogeneous body tiles for tiling solutions. The aesthetic appeal of the tile remains intact even after prolonged exposure to wear and tear, making it the most preferred durable tile. Even after abrasion, there is hardly any chipping as the design of these tiles remains even. This makes them perfect for commercial spaces such as automobile showrooms, hospitals, airports, metro stations, swimming pool decks, hotel lobbies, educational institutions along with retail or residential spaces such as porches, living rooms, garden areas and bathrooms.

A mixture of raw material consisting of natural clay, feldspar, quartz and natural pigments for different batches are used to make design ranges such as Beige, Gris, Creama, Nero and P Kota Green. Despite color variations across raw materials, our R&D experts ensure negligible color variation in the Sahara Series, across all batches and guarantee that every batch meets the high MOR standard.With a breaking strength greater than 2000 Newton and scratch hardness upto 6 on Moh’s scale, Orient Bell’s Sahara Series is the ideal choice for Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation.

The Lucknow Metro’s structures like the glory of their Nawabs have been designed to sustain for at least 100 years. OBL’s Sahara Series have been chosen over Kota stones as they give consistency in terms of quality, shades across batches and ease of installation as well as maintenance as these lightweight tiles do not require polishing. Unlike the varying colour changes of a stone, the shades of these tiles stay constant with the promise of durability. Additionally, the weight of tiles is lower than that of stone, making the overall installation cost and time more economical. Since they are chemical and stain resistant, these tiles series can be chosen over stones as they have negligible water absorption property. Hence, this process provides Sahara Series with USP’s like higher durability, greater breaking strength and long-lasting life.

About Orient Bell Limited:
Orient Bell Limited (OBL) was established in 1977, with its base in New Delhi. The company is widely respected in the industry circles as a trusted & professional manufacturer of wall & floor tiles. It has a chain of signature showrooms to display its complete product range and is privileged to be associated with the premier architects and builders of the country. It has in the recent past seen an influx of new talent & leadership that’s bringing a breath of fresh air in the building & construction industry. It’s a player to watch out for.

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