Mr Apurva GuptaFitness being the need of the hour, today has its presence felt in almost all the emerging domains and the Indian realty market is no exception. Today as we live in a faced-paced world where time constraints seem to be the major issue, people hardly get the time to work out and stay fit. Due to the round the clock corporate work culture, sweating it out at the fitness centre is totally ruled out for the modern-day inhabitants. Hence today buyers are on a look-out for fitness amenities within the confines of the township that can majorly facilitate in fulfilling their fitness goals.

The present-day home buyer is not just keen on owning an exceptional property alone, but today open spaces and high-end facilities have equally become significant parameters on which the buyer’s decision is based, prior to investing. For long, the Indian real estate developers and builders have banked on the quality of realty properties that have been developed as a means to encourage probable buyers and investors who are keen on capitalizing in residential as well as commercial properties. In current times, there has been a vast alteration in this pattern, this is because the modern-day buyers are scouting for more, and beyond quality. They are more inclined towards investing in and opting for properties that offer the desired amenities and convenience like clubhouse equipped with advanced gymnasiums with the provision of open space reserves (OSR).

Sports and leisure facilities like squash courts, tennis lawns, ground for football and cricket, play area for children, gazebos, spas, yoga and meditation centres, steam and sauna baths now rule the amenity list that is currently being delivered to health-focused Indian home buyers by developers. This is a clear signal pointing out towards the escalating demands of buyers in pursuit of a Holistic lifestyle on a salubrious front.

Today there exists an unrelenting demand profile in a market environment wherein potential home investors are being spoiled-for-choice. This has nothing but led to the force-feeding of a new reality trend i.e. the aspect of wellness as one of the key factors in home purchase along with the consideration of the location in terms of investment, infrastructural development and recreational facilities.

An important characteristic that is lacking in the fitness space of Indian realty is the provision of open spaces, natural reserves and national parks. The mounting suburb of Borivali east has ample of recreational and outdoor spaces and parks like Sanjay Gandhi National Park that offer a plenty of avenues for fitness fanatics to fulfil their wellness goals. To further add to the health quotient of the residents of Borivali east, the SGNP ties up with reputed and well know gymnasiums as their fitness partners to organize The BIG Fat Marathon which is a 5 and 10 km run at the park. The run majorly helps to promote the importance of fitness and healthy living among the inhabitants.

To further create a room for wellness in the real estate projects, the Indian government is now keen on authorizing open spaces for housing projects. Due to this more and more township builders are now revolutionizing by placing courts and leisure areas on a higher floor thereby containing them in the building footprint. Facilities like swimming pools and gardens are now being situated on terraces thereby safeguarding better sales velocity or value appreciation for their buyer community.

The newest generation of projects are envisioned more considerately and are definitely more resident-centric. In contemporary times, amenities play an integral role to the aspirational homebuyers. In a space-constrained metro city such as Mumbai, planning for the right amalgam of amenities is all the more decisive. Developers are taking an active part in undertaking a comprehensive model which will not only be a right product combination but will also turn out to sustainable in the long run. The advantageous chemistry of these amenities – surely is the novel fulcrum of an optimistic influence on the sector.

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