• The two inclined elevators of the Riosol hotel in Mogan, Gran Canaria, have won the first prize in their category for the uniqueness of their design and its sharp inclination
  • The outstanding location of the Riosol Hotel inspired the design of two sun-shaped inclined elevators to adapt to the mountain slope
  • The project reflects thyssenkrupp’s focus on innovative technology and ingenious design

thyssenkrupp Elevator’s project for the Riosol Hotel in Gran Canaria has been awarded the first prize in the category “Inclined lifts” by the renowned international magazine ‘Elevator World.’ Each year, the magazine awards the ‘Project of the Year’ prize to different constructions from all over the world. The project consisted of the design, fabrication, supply, installation and commissioning of two inclined lifts at the Riosol Hotel in Mogan, a city on the island of Gran Canaria. These lifts improve the accessibility of the facilities by enabling customers to reach the different levels of the hotel.

Both elevators, each with a capacity for 20 people and 1,500 kilograms, are completely panoramic, equipped with a curved yellow glass cover that allows passengers to enjoy the views of the city, the beach and the port. The peculiar characteristic of these lifts lies in the sharp 42-degree incline and the absence of a conventional pit. Likewise, given its proximity to the sea and the consequent exposure to the saline environment, a unique fabrication process was required to meet the project’s standards.

For Ramón López-Neira, the architect and designer of the project, the decisive factor was the design: “The Hotel Riosol is located on a mountain almost 200 meters above sea level, seated on large amounts of solidified lava. It was precisely this unique location that inspired the design of two inclined lifts in the shape of brilliant suns, to adapt to the slope of the mountain. Both cabins have been carefully designed, using stainless steel mesh screens, curved yellow glass and curved lighting systems that filter the views from inside the cabins, creating a spectacular collage of lights and colours.”

Darío Vicario, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator in Spain states: “It is an honour for us to receive this recognition from one of the most prestigious international magazines in the sector. With this award, we reinforce our commitment to offering tomorrow’s mobility solutions today, putting all our efforts into the quality and safety of our services.”

thyssenkrupp adds this prize to previous awards from the prestigious magazine, such as one obtained in 2019 in the moving walk category for its accessibility project in the city of Santander and two prizes obtained in 2018 in Bilbao and Melilla in the categories of escalators and moving walks respectively.

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